Margarita Москва

35 лет · На сайте с августа 2020

английский английский - свободный (свободное письменное и устное общение)
русский русский - родной
испанский испанский - базовый (могу общаться на общие темы)
Россия, Москва
Услуги в:
Россия: Москва
США: Лас-Вегас, Лос-Анджелес, Нью-Йорк, Финикс
Языки перевода:
английский русский
русский английский
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О себе


I have been working as a freelance translator for 5+ years and i really love my job. I have participated in the International exhibitions, conferences and seminars as Interpreter. I am originally from Russia. I have studied linguistics and translation at University. I have the work experience of working for American companies.
I am able to translate different kinds of fields. My fields of expertise are as follows:
-    Translation from English into Russian and vice versa
-    Articles, business correspondence, email handling
-    Manuals etc
-    Website, software and game localization incl. the translation of xml – based 
files (Windows / IOS / Android)
-    Transcription (English, Russian)
-    eCommerce (Amazon, eBay listings)

I can be as Assistant to you during the exhibition. If there is a position available at this time,I can be contacted on cell phone in the afternoons and would be more willing to come down for an interview.If not then would keep my details to hand for near future.
Looking forward to hearing you.

Thank you,
Yours faithfully,



Экскурсии Перевод устный (последовательный) Перевод письменный Удалённый перевод Удалённый представитель

Подробное описание и стоимость услуг

  • Interpretation on the negotiations
  • Translation the technical texts (manuals, operation instructions, articles, marketing materials about products)
  • Assistance for Negotiations (Assistance in formulating requests for proposals for different companies)
  • Support content

Туристические услуги

Yes, I can work as guide and show some sightseeing. 


I have gradueted from People's Friendship University of Russia with specialization in Linguistics and Intercultural Communication. 

Опыт работы

•    Professional translations English-Russian on the international fair shows, conferences, seminars and showroom.
•    Professional interpreting. Foreign language correspondence
•    Website translations. Phone calls in foreign languages
•    Consulting clients for products by companies
•    Supporting for negotiations, translation to ENG-RUS
•    Simultaneous Interpretation facilities
•    Preparation and Translation materials, technical documentations, user’s manuals

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